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Disclaimer: This site has been and all site made by MMH Web Designs are tested using Mozilla Firefox, some component may not display properly using Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.

All the content, information, pictures and galleries, on MMH Web Designs website are copyrighted and is owned by MMH Web Designs MMH Web Designs policies states that after a website is complete the client is the owner of the website and its files. The client is the sole owner of the site and files only if the services are paid in full. If the client fails to pay MMH Web Designs for the work that they have performed, then they have to right to hold the client’s files until payment it paid in full. If the client fails to pay MMH Web Designs afterwards for hourly work then MMH Web Designs has the right to put a hold on the web site so that is isn’t live any more until MMH Web Designs receives payment. 

Because MMH Web Designs isn’t the hosting company it is the client responsibility to contact the hosting company with any hosting down time problems. If for any reason the client can’t contact the hosting company MMH Web Designs will try to reach them for the client. Then it’s up to the client to work out any problems with the hosting company. The hosting company is responsible for the website to reach the internet and not MMH Web Designs. MMH Web Designs is not responsible for any down time that, may cause the website to not show up on the internet. 

It is also up to the client to keep their domain name up to date, not MMH Web Designs. This means that there is a yearly payment to have your domain name. It is up to the client to make sure all fees are paid, to maintain their domain name. The client will have to keep a credit card on file with the domain company and their credit card will automatically be charged each year. The client has the right to cancel their domain name and hosting at any time.

When the payment is scheduled, we will provide a link to pay via our possessing gateway, it will be for the amount that is owe.  We will not accept over payment, tips, or another type of currency that is not US dollars.  We will not send or provide any third party payment.  

Policies & Disclaimer updated May 28 2016